Monday, 1 September 2014


What I'm wearing:
forever 21 coat/sweater
h&m jeans with diy rips
? scarf
vintage bag
h&m slip-on sneakers

Saturday, 30 August 2014


Lately I've been shoping (a lot), which is the reason I have tons of new outfits ideas no money left. I'm way too excited for autumn, I think everybody is and if you're not then what's wrong with you? Or maybe it's just me, because I don't like summer weather and the fact that it's hard to style summer clothes and not to look same every day. From this point of view, autumn is just more fun. 

You really wanted me to give you some back to school advice or advice for going to highschool and I know, it's a bit late for that, but whatever. Everyone is making such a big deal of it, but in reality it's not that important. I'm in highschool, so my advice won't be probably usefull if you're in collage or uni, but I believe that the important thing is not to stress out too much and avoiding all the drama. You always find some people that will be your really good friends and being worried about it doesn't help at all, so maybe you just need to step out of your comford zone a little.

So, it's really late night right now (actually morning the next day, well today...that is so insane!) and I'm listening to two albums I'm absolutely obsessed with. The 1975 album and My head is an animal by Of Monsters & Men and if you don't know these two, you should, so go listen to them.

Outfit 1 and other things:
vintage ripped highwasted jeans
vintage flannel
primark socks
zara black boots
? bralette
canon AE-1 program
2014 and 2015 diary
stolen flowers

Thursday, 28 August 2014


What I'm wearing:
Topshop trousers
h&m t-shirt knitted sweater
h&m sandals